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Our Outage Management Systems restore power faster and our Fault Detection, Isolation & Restoration technology determines and isolates outage locations, and re-routes power faster.

GE’s smarter Distribution Management System (DMS) helps grid operators maximize system efficiency, identify troubled assets and improve network performance and reliability.

Demand response solutions combine smart meters, smart and traditional appliances, home automation and heating/cooling controls to dial down demand during peak times.

Field-force automation solutions help field crews and dispatchers maintain, repair and service the grid more efficiently – from routine service orders to outage restoration activities.

Geospatial asset management systems give network operators a geographic inventory of assets and a detailed, accurate model of their transmission and distribution network.

Delivering the wireless or wired communications for utilities, GE’s high-speed, high-bandwidth solutions are making a real-time, information-rich smart grid possible.


It has long been accepted that Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) is a powerful tool in the field of
transformer fault detection and asset management. GE’s line of Kelman™ products, has a
comprehensive offering of portable and on-line DGA products, software, services, expertise and
customer support for management of critical transformer assets.


On-line Dissolved
Gas Analyzer

GE's communications products enable Smart Grid applications for utilities. These apllications
include grid visualization, real-time load monitoring, automated demand response, advanced
protection, asset monitoring, smart metering, consumer load control, SCADA, Distribution
Automation, streaming video, and Voice over IP. From data collection to high-capacity backhaul
our wireless devices provide the deployment flexibility necessary to facilitate the immediate and
evolving requirements of the Smart Grid.

    Mercury 3650
    Industrial WiMAX™
    High Capacity

Detecting live, downed power lines, which can cause fires and safety hazards, is a key
requirement for a safer smart grid. Our Multilin™ Hi-Impedance Fault detection technology,
developed over the past 20 years, enables utilities to detect when power lines have been knocked
loose by falling trees branches or when supporting poles have been knocked down by storms or
vehicle accidents. Using a safety-first approach, distribution utilities can detect and shut down
these power lines before emergency and repair workers approach these dangerous zones.
    Multilin F60
    Feeder Protection

GE enables the efficient recovery of distribution system networks via fault isolation,
sectionalization and power system restoration schemes.  GE’s Recloser Control System (URC)
provides an intelligent, high speed and reliable DAS solution that enables fast service restoration
and reduces customer outages. Our high speed, wireless capability provides peer to peer
communications, enabling each URC to make intelligent decisions and respond quickly and
efficiently to interruptions.
URC Controller