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GE has expertise across the electrical grid, gained through real-world project experience. With more than 110 years building successful energy grid solutions we stand alone in our ability to help you understand your current status and plan your future.

GE can help optimize your current generation capacity and assets, integrate centralized and distributed renewables, engineer microgrids and strengthen protection and control. So you can power more with less and be ready for tomorrow’s ever-increasing demand.
GE has proven smart grid breakthroughs to monitor, control and optimize how you move power. Our industrial-strength communications and network management systems can help you understand and better manage loads. And, our diagnostics, visualization and control systems can help you prevent and minimize the effects of outages.
Your power grid can’t be smart unless it communicates. GE can architect an end-to-end communications infrastructure, from generation through transmission and all the way into consumers’ homes.
GE’s asset monitoring, diagnostics, energy management and control systems can maximize efficiency and help control costs across your facility. Submetering and Time-of-Use reporting can help you better understand operations and identify opportunities to improve.
Someday smart appliances, demand response and dynamic pricing will help consumers optimize their energy spend. Energy portals and home automation will empower true consumer energy management. And smart meters will provide the functionality and communications to make it possible.
GE’s system integrators can develop intelligent business systems and processes for today and the needs of tomorrow.
GE has the team, technologies and solutions to make your smart grid future proof. Our 110 years of experience, talent and research for the future make us the right choice for long-term success.