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Our digitized substations enable utilities to define performance requirements and standardize the configuration of power-control and information technologies.

Our Volt/VAR technology can reduce energy waste by adjusting voltage and reactive power on distribution lines to respond to demand.

Our Wide Area Protection solutions detect outages and automatically reconfigure the system to restore power, intelligently shed load or identify and access additional power generation.

Our Energy Management Systems keep power flowing efficiently and reliably, and our Wide Area Monitoring Systems maximize power line capacity and maintain grid stability.

GE provides a smarter way to track aging assets. Amorphous transformers use our technology to
slash no-load losses and increase power efficiency system-wide.

Smart transmission networks require a self-healing grid that identifies blackouts in the network and automatically re-routs power to restore blacked out areas. Our solution detects outages and automatically reconfigures the network in real-time. Our JungleMux™ multiplexers create the communications backbone with a secure high-speed network. Over this network GE’s Multilin™ N60s share real-time information and intelligently shed load, or identify if additional generation is available elsewhere in the system and re-route this available power to blacked out areas.

    N60 Network Stability
    and Synchrophasor
    Measurement System

    SONET Multiplexer

The HardFiber™ Process Bus System represents a true breakthrough in the installation and ownership of protection and control systems, by reducing the overall labor required for substation design, construction, and testing. This solutions eliminates miles of expensive copper wires and thousands of individual terminations by using fiber optic cables. This reduces the labor required to upgrade or construct power substations by up to 50%.
    HardFiber™ System
    IEC61850 Process
    Bus Solution