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Smart meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) coupled with dynamic pricing can teach consumers to modify their energy-use profiles, saving money and shifting high energy-consuming activities to lower demand times.

Energy information and control can be vital elements in a smart home automation hub. Personal computers, home energy panels and mobile devices can deliver real-time information to guide and enable immediate household energy decisions.

Smart appliances receive signals from smart meters that determine how they operate. During peak periods, they can change modes or put off high-energy-consuming activities to times when more energy is readily available and costs are lower.

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles will connect with smart-metered homes to make electric transportation practical and affordable. Dynamic pricing can encourage charging at night and give utilities a revenue stream for fixed assets that are otherwise lying idle.


Utilities require an economical solution to enable fast and secure intelligent communications to residential electric meters to allow new market-driven billing structures to be implemented. The MDS Mercury™ 3650, using WiMAX technology, provides long distance, high speed communications with secure data handling using encryption and user authentication. Industrial-grade certifications and the exceptional performance reliability of the 3.65 GHz band, ensures trouble-free operation.


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Critical services, such as medical centers, require immediate backup power for critical equipment when power is lost. Operating rooms and intensive care units cannot be without power for more than a few seconds. GE Zenith™ Automatic Transfer Switches immediately energize backup generators and intelligently divert available power to the most critical loads.


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GE’s Load Shedding solution keeps critical processes running. The system utilizes Multilin™ C90Plus Automation Logic Controllers and the Multilin PMCS Energy Management System to identify when there are disruptions to the utility power supply, and as a result there is not enough power to supply the required load. Then the system dynamically and safely sheds the least critical loads. This ensures the processes that are essential to the business able to maintain production, thereby reducing the costs associated with downtime.


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