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Wind, solar and biomass generation are welcome additions to the smart grid. GE technologies enable integration of renewable energy just about anywhere along the grid.

Distributed Generation Connection and Optimization tools increase reliability through safe interconnections of wind, solar and other power sources.

Intelligent GE Protection and Control devices protect critical electrical equipment and ensure safe
reliable power up and down the line. They continuously monitor system health, employing both predictive and early detection tools.

Many remote communities need to produce and manage all of the power required to support their loads. Providing the means to monitor the load of the entire system and optimize and dispatch the different types of generation available to meet load requirements is needed to reduce the overall electricity operating costs. The GE Microgrid Control System uses power generation information to select the most cost effective method of providing uninterrupted supply, while also providing the ability to control and optimize generation, storage and delivery of cleaner power.


    U90Plus Microgrid
    Control System

    MDS Wireless

Connecting Distributed Generation (DG) to the grid is required to meet the growing demand for power,
while reducing carbon emissions produced by traditional coal generating stations. GE Digital Energy’s DGT enables the safe connection of Distributed Generation  to the grid. Our fast, 2-way wireless network sends emergency disconnect signals from the utility to distributed generation sites. Trip confirmation status is returned back to the utility control center. This wireless infrastructure reduces communications costs while ensuring safe interconnection to the grid.


   DGT  Distributed
   Generation Transfer Trip