Solutions for the water and wastewater industry for protecting assets, promoting process efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance and increasing security
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Water utility operators seek ways to automate and remotely monitor, protect and control these assets in order to gain operational efficiencies. In addition to operational considerations, water utilities are required to comply with federal, state and local regulations on the treatment of water, as well as its physical security to guard against terrorist threats.

Monitoring pipe integrity and controlling flow along the line is a challenge with water & wastewater pipelines. Our industrial wireless solutions enable remote status monitoring and control of field instruments, such as flow, pressure and temperature gauges, and block valves, allowing customers to increase transport efficiency.
From industrial facilities to public water treatment and delivery centers, customers rely on our advanced Multilin protection and control products and services to meet water/wastewater process requirements. Comprehensive low and medium voltage motor management including automation and diagnostics, integrating advanced motor protection, control automation, communication and diagnostics.
Our MDS and Lentronics wireless and optical networking solutions secure reservoirs and pumping stations by providing communications infrastructures. Our full range of communications devices are industrial hardened to withstand harsh process environments, and are ideally suited for applications including monitoring vital water flows, and sending control signals to pipes, valves and pumps.
The Smallworld Water Office solution provides global data models and a suite of integrated applications that are fundamental to geospatial management of a full network. Smallworld Water Office forms part of GE's integrated and easily customized suite of Smallworld geospatial applications that supports Utilities companies with the operations, maintenance, and reporting requirements of their Water Supply and Drainage network assets.
GE's PMCS is a fully customizable, user friendly, integrated energy management system that provides water treatment facilities with a centralized control room interface to monitor and control their electric network assets. PMCS is an Energy Management System that will reduce the cost of energy to a customer by optimizing the methods used to control both processes and equipment to utilize energy more economically and efficiently.