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Gateways and RTUs

GE offers an industry-leading suite of multifunction servers, gateways, RTUs, and data concentrators for automating substation equipment and providing visibility to critical electrical assets found across the transmission and distribution power grids. With support for a wide array of input and output options, a large number of protocols available in the industry including IEC 61850, DNP3.0, and IEC60870 series, and the new built in cyber security features, GE has the ability to connect and integrate your power system equipment with virtually any HMI, SCADA or Energy Management System with the security, reliability and dependability characteristics you can expect from GE substation equipment.

Gateways and RTUs

Multilin G100 The G100 substation gateway offers a high-capacity, secure, modular, and substation-hardened set of hardware and software components designed to simplify the deployment, operation, and maintenance of automation systems – all in a compact form-factor for space constrained panels or cubicles.


Multilin G500 The G500 substation gateway provides reliable and accurate collection of data from serial or LAN-based intelligent substation devices. It offers data logging, protocol conversion and runs automation applications, while consolidating functions such as HMI, Ethernet communications, time synchronization and cyber security features.


Multilin H500 GE’s Multilin H500 is a member of the advanced Multi-function Controller Platform (MCP). This platform offers a high-capacity, secure, future-proof, and substation-hardened set of modular and scalable hardware and software components designed to simplify deployment, operation, and maintenance of automation systems for a variety of applications.


Multilin D20MX The D20MX is designed to execute communications and energy management applications for the monitoring and control of electrical substations. The D20MX is backwards compatible with earlier D20/D200 RTU chassis and installed accessories to provide a cost-effective option for extending the life of aging D20/D200 systems.


Multilin iBox The iBox combines advanced functionality, multiple communication ports and local I/O in a small footprint, suitable for substation automation or protocol conversion applications.


Multilin D20E The D20E is the next-generation input/output module for substation automation and SCADA RTU applications. It converts analogue and binary inputs to Ethernet signals using DNP3 or IEC 61850. It works perfectly with D20MX and G500.


Multilin D.20 I/O Modules D.20 I/O Modules are input/output modules for substation automation and SCADA RTU applications.

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