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Substation Automation
Automation & Control

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Automation & Control

GE's broad portfolio of substation automation solutions provide customers with the control and automation functions needed to build a smarter, more reliable power grid. Our solutions deliver a smart, cost-effective, short-cycle solution for digitized substations that are scalable to meet the varying needs of utilities across the globe.

Controllers ControllersSupport a variety of substation automation & control, comms and monitoring applications Controllers
Gateways & RTUs Gateways & RTUsSupport a wide range of inputs, outputs and communication protocols on electrical assets Gateways & RTUs
Merging Units Merging UnitsSolutions to implement IEC 61850 Process Bus and contribute to a full digital substation Merging Units
Fault Recorders & PMUs Fault Recorders & PMUsPowerful equipment for monitoring, recording and analysing electrical power systems Fault Recorders & PMUs
Metering MeteringHigh accuracy power quality, power metering and sub-metering solutions Metering
Time Synchronization Time SynchronizationSubstation GPS precision time references for synchronizing protection and control devices Time Synchronization