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GE offers an industry-leading suite of controllers that support a variety of substation control, communication, monitoring, protection and automation applications and functions.

Transmission-class Bay Controllers
MiCOM C264 Bay Controller

MiCOM C264 With an expandable design, modular I/O, an extensive library of functions and up to 6 Ethernet ports for communication redundancy & remote access, the MiCOM C264 is the ideal solution for a wide array of applications in substation digital control.

Multilin C60

Multilin C60 The C60 provides a complete integrated package for the protection, control, and monitoring of circuit breakers. The C60 supports dual-breaker busbar configurations such as breaker-and-a-half or ring bus arrangements. Signals from up to 4 sets of CT’s can be brought into the C60 for internal summation.

Multilin D25

Multilin D25 The D25 is a flexible, modular, and upgradeable automation controller, suitable for both large and small substation automation projects, including communications & data concentrator, automation controller, metering & sequence of events fault recording, and transformer monitoring & control.

C650 Bay Control & Monitoring System

Multilin C650 The C650 is a flexible, substation hardened, relay grade programmable logic controller. With metering and advanced communications capabilities, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Its ability to support up to 192 digital inputs means that the C650 can also be used to extend the I/O capability of new or existing protection and control relays.

Multilin C30

Multilin C30 The C30, a member of the UR Family, is a digital IED designed to act as a substation hardened programmable logic controller that can also expand the I/O capability of protection devices and replace existing Sequence of Events (SOE) Recorders.

Recloser Controllers
Multilin 850P

Multilin 850P The 850P has been designed for the management, protection and control of multi feeder underground networks, supporting both traditional voltage inputs as well as Low Energy Analog (LEA) inputs. A maximum of 4 feeders can be supported by the 850P.

Multilin R650

Multilin R650 The R650 offers a flexible solution for automatic protection and remote operation on distribution networks. With its unique driving electronics module enabling true 4 shot auto reclosing and advanced logic programming, the R650 helps ensure network stability.

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