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Substation Controllers & Switches

GE offers an industry-leading suite of substation controllers and switches that support a variety of substation control, communication, monitoring, protection and automation applications and functions.

MiCOM C264 Bay Controller

MiCOM C264 Bay Controller GE’s MiCOM C264 bay controller provides flexibility, reliability and ease of use. A combination of dual redundant fiber optic Ethernet, modular I/O, and an expandable design and extensive library of functions make the C264 the ideal solution for a wide array of applications in substation digital control systems.

Reason H49

Reason H49 PRP/HSR Redbox Switch The Reason H49 is especially designed for the digital substation, for use on the substation bus and process bus, in a mix of PRP dual star and HSR rings.

DS Agile H38 Redbox PRP Switch

DS Agile H38 Redbox PRP Switch The DS Agile H38 is a range of standalone Ethernet switches compliant with the IEC 62439-3 Clause-4 PRP protocol, providing redundant, inter-operable, data communication. This redundancy box – ‘RedBox’- also supports the Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to IEEE 1588 v2, to deliver precise local time synchronization to the IRIG-B port.

MiCOM H Series Managable Switches

MiCOM H Series Managable Switches The MiCOM H series Ethernet switches use cutting edge redundancy protocols to offer superior network availability and extremely fast reconfiguration in the event of link failure.

C30 Controller System

C30 Controller System Substation hardened, relay grade programmable logic controller. The C30, a member of the UR Family, is a digital IED designed to act as a substation hardened programmable logic controller that can also expand the I/O capability of protection devices and replace existing Sequence of Events (SOE) Recorders. The C30 provides fast and deterministic execution of programmable logic with I/O capabilities far above an average protection relay.

C650 Bay Control & Monitoring System

C650 Bay Control & Monitoring System Substation hardened, relay grade programmable logic controller. The Multilin 650 has been designed to provide control, monitoring, and automation for a wide range of applications including bay control and monitoring in electrical substations. With high-density I/O capable of supporting up to 192 programmable digital inputs, the C650 can also be used to extend the I/O capability of new or existing protection & control relays. With powerful and deterministic programmable logic, advanced communications, and metering capabilities the C650 is flexible, cost-effective, and reliable solution for substation control.