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MDS Orbit Platform - Converged Communications for Hybrid Networks
The MDS Orbit Platform integrates a range of technologies, from cellular to private, and licensed to unlicensed, supporting customers’ needs for secure private, public and hybrid communications networks. The MDS Orbit platform provides a comprehensive security framework to support device, user and network security requirements. The MDS Orbit Platform is available with 900 MHz, 3G, 4G and WiFi communications options, along with multiple interface options in a compact, robust package.
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MDS Mercury 3650 – Flexible, Secure Standards Based Networking
The MDS Mercury Series is a highly secure, industrial-grade WiMAX communications platform for mission critical, industrial applications. The Mercury product line provides a global licensed and unlicensed solution designed to facilitate high throughput wireless networking requirements in the 3650MHz frequency band.
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MDS iNET Series - Secure IP/Ethernet
The MDS iNET Series is an industrial wireless solution that provides long distance, unlicensed communications allowing users to interface with Ethernet and serial controllers. Comprised of the iNET 900 and iNET-II, the iNET Series offers the best balance of speed and range to enable a wide variety of applications requiring higher data capabilities than typical communication systems can provide.
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