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Critical processes demand secure and reliable networks
MDS Secure Wireless Solutions
With secure wireless, rugged Ethernet switches and hardened optical networks, our MDS and Lentronics devices utilize new technologies delivering complete networking solutions and withstanding the harshest environments.
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Smart Grid Communications Solutions
Smart Grid Communications Solutions
Rugged Wireless - MDSFrom the first meter to the last mile
MDS Products

MDS™ is a world leading single-source, end-to-end wireless solution provider. From wellhead monitoring to utility substation automation, our wireless devices are packaged for industrial environments and have been rated and tested to harsh industrial specifications. Our wireless networks carry serial and IP/Ethernet traffic, plus analog and digital I/O signals connected directly to field devices and sensors, accommodating an extensive array of industrial protocols.

MDS products enable a broad spectrum of industrial wireless applications worldwide, including:

  • Data / Voice / Video
  • SCADA / Telemetry
  • Process Control
  • Transaction / POS
  • Data Acquisition
  • Mobile Data for Field Force Automation
  • Telecom & Campus Connections
  • Mobile Data for Public Safety
MDS Secure Wireless Solutions
MDS application example for Oil & Gas
Hardened Optical Networks - LentronicsCritical communications solutions
Lentronics Products

Lentronics is a leading global supplier of rugged telecommunications solutions for electric utility, pipeline, transportation and industrial applications. The Lentronics Hardened Optical Networks solutions offers T1/E1, SONET/SDH and MPLS-TP standards-based solutions for both short and long range applications over optical fiber and other media. This powerful family of multiplexers permits consolidation of telecommunications requirements into a single, integrated network.

Proven customer applications worldwide include:

  • Electrical utility: grid protection and automation
  • Oil and gas: pipeline, production field, refinery and port facility SCADA, security and operations support
  • Rail transportation: customer service, SCADA, security and operations support
  • Mining: slurry pipeline and electrical infrastructure SCADA
  • Water: pipeline SCADA
Lentronics Multiplexers
Ethernet Switches & Protocol Converters - MultiLink Designed and tested for harsh environments
Ethernet Switches and Converters

The MultiLink family is a line of industrial and substation hardened Ethernet switches that will provide secure, reliable communications for your critical infrastructure devices. Designed to meet the unique requirements of the protection and control industry, the MultiLink Ethernet Switches ensure your communications network is available, fast, and secure.

MultiLink: secure, reliable hardened Ethernet:

  • Suitable for Utility Substations and harsh Industrial Environments
  • High-Speed network recovery of redundant LANs (<5ms recovery per switch and Link Loss Alert for detection of broken Fiber connections)
  • Full Support of most 802.1 network management functions
  • Redundant & Mixed power supply options
  • Integrates with EnerVista™ monitoring and integration software
MultiLink Ethernet Switches