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Protection Relays Overview

Pioneering key principle advancements over the last 100 years, GE continues to lead the way making new protection, control and automation applications possible. Our solutions continue GE’s century long tradition of power system innovation. From generators to transmission lines, to motors and beyond, we ensure dependable, safe power worldwide.

Generator protection Generator Protection Innovative solutions for the protection, control and monitoring of generator assets.
Transformer Protection Transformer Protection Advanced transformer protection helping extend asset life.
Line Protection Line Protection Delivering speed and security for advanced transmission line protection.
Bus protection Bus Protection Providing advanced protection for a wide range of bus protection applications.
Feeder Protection Feeder ProtectionAdvanced protection through flexibility, programmability and communications.
motor Protection Motor Protection Optimized motor protection to ensure maximum process uptime.
Single Function Single Function Single function protection for applications including overcurrent, voltage and frequency, differential, directional, timing and distance.
Auxiliary Relays Auxiliary Relays A variety of auxiliary relays including multicontact, trip and lockout, annunciator and hinged armature relays.
Accessories Accessories A full portfolio of accessories to support power systems including test equipment, terminal blocks and indicator lights.