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DGP Digital Generator Protection

DGP Digital Generator Protection

The DGP is a digital system which provides a wide range of protection, monitoring, control and recording functions for AC generators. It can be used on generators driven by steam, gas and hydraulic turbine. Any size of generator can be protected with the DGP. A high degree of dependability and security is achieved by extensive self diagnostic routines and an optional redundant power supply.

End-of-life Notice: The DGP has been discontinued as of December, 2010. View the end-of-life notice for more details on upgrading to the G60.

  • AC generators (steam, gas, hydraulic)

  • Protection and Control
  • Stator differential
  • Current unbalance
  • Loss of excitation
  • Anti-motoring
  • Time overcurrent, voltage restraint
  • 100% stator ground fault
  • Ground overcurrent
  • Over excitation
  • Over and undervoltage
  • Over and underfrequency
  • Voltage transformer fuse failure
  • Accidental energization
  • Eight configurable output relays
  • Up to three configurable inputs

  • Monitoring and Metering
  • Extensive self-test diagnostics
  • Trip circuit monitor
  • Metering: A V W vars Hz
  • Events - last 100
  • Fault reports - last 3