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Packaged Solutions
Value Added Solutions for Protection, Control and Automation Applications

GE's Packaged Solutions provide fully integrated, modular solution sets comprising of engineering, design, manufacturing assembly, wiring, testing and commissioning support for protection, control and automation of power system applications. Adhering to the world class quality control standards, GE's Packaged Solutions are built on an advanced GE product base and feature seamless integration with legacy and multi-vendor devices and systems.
       Packaged Solutions
Key benefits

  • Provides overall project savings including engineering and site acceptance resulting in substantial
    economic benefits
  • Reduces cycle time driving accelerated customer acceptance and project turnaround period
  • Integrates multi-vendor legacy protection relays and devices to advanced technologies
  • Provides platforms for additional levels of automation, reducing cost and enhancing efficiency
  • Enables faster service restoration and improves system reliability through better visibility and control

  • application specific solutionsModular predesigned solutionsEngineered solutionsRetrofit solutionsProjects solutions

    Application Specific Solutions

    industry diagrams

    Fully integrated sub-system solutions for protection and control of generators with sizes ranging from tens of KWs to hundreds of MWs
    Pre-designed modular protection, control and automation solutions for transmission system assets such as transmission lines, bus-bars, large transformers and capacitor banks
    Expandable modular solutions for assets within a distribution substation, e.g. transformers, breakers, cap-banks, and assets outside the 'substation fence', e.g. reclosers
    Power Utilization and Automation
    A wide variety of modular metering, automation, industrial process protection and control solutions for commercial and industrial customers

    Predesigned solutions

    Generator Protection and Control Solution
  • Leverages advanced GE protection relays
  • Fully integrated, tested packaged solution
  • High quality workmanship and accelerated delivery cycles
  • Advanced Bus Protection and Control Solution
  • Pre-designed, configurable advanced protection schemes
  • Bus differential protection and control package
  • Engineered solutions for custom transmission applications
  • Pre-designed Distribution Solutions
  • Pre-designed modular protection and control solutions for distribution applications such as feeder, transformer and breaker
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Library of modular designs for common distribution applications
  • Automation and Industrial Solutions
  • Customized RTU solutions for variety of applications
  • Supported by large host and IvED protocol libraries
  • Fully configured, factory tested solutions
  • Modular, Pre-designed Protection, Control and Automation Solutions

    Steps to design your own protection panel using MPS assemblies

    GE's Modular Packaged Solutions (MPS) are a comprehensive set of pre-designed, fully integrated protection, control and automation modules for generation, transmission and distribution applications.

    The MPS are well suited to provide optimization of protection, control and automation designs for green field and brownfield substations. The MPS module design philosophy allows for flexibility in design, engineering, installation, commissioning and upgrades throughout the life of your protection and control system.

    Key Benefits

    Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and Maintenance
    • Pre-designed, modular solution for ease of panel design, expansion, installation and testing
    • Reduced total cost of ownership by using the modular designs, significantly lower than custom panel design

    Quality Solutions
    • Designed, assembled, wired and tested under high assurance and quality control standards
    • Each MPS panel design is provided with complete documentation for ease of site installation and testing

    Scalable, Flexible and Quick Turnaround
    • Choose protection, metering and control modules from a wide selection of MPS designs
    • Standard module offerings with quick turnaround lead-time in range of 6-8 weeks from order to delivery
    • Simple selection of modules and enclosures/racks for panel design
    • Factory tested and verified to help expedite the field testing and commissioning

    Predesigned solutions
    Custom engineered solution
    Custom Engineered Solutions for Protection, Control and Automation Applications

    Engineered Solutions for Utility and Industrial Power Systems
    GE's Packaged Solutions offerings included custom engineered protection, control and automation solutions for customer specific applications. These solutions leverage GE Packaged Solutions modular designs and while providing full flexibility to integrate multi-vendor legacy products and technologies.

    Key Benefits
    • Application Tailored: The custom engineered solutions will be tailored to your application needs and specifications.
    • Quality: These solutions are designed and manufactured under strict Quality control and processes
    • Expedited Delivery Turnaround: GE Packaged Solutions team will work with you to provide accelerated delivery for design and final solution

    Engineered Solutions Examples

    Generation Applications
    Application: Medium to Large Sized Generators, typically +100MW, generally driven by Steam or Gas Turbines
    Solution: Built on an industry leading UR platform, a free-standing, fully integrated, pre-designed, assembled, wired and tested solution. Ready for site acceptance testing and commissioning

    Low Impedance Bus Differential Application
    Application: Protection system for Complex bus topology with multiple feeders, sectionalizer and bus coupler
    Solution: A Standardized design libraries for Protection of multiple complex bus topologies; and for indoor and outdoor applications

    Feeder Protection Panel (FPP)
    Application: Distribution Feeder and Breaker protection & control
    Solution: A modular pre-engineered solution with full protection & control logic implementation for outdoor switchyard and indoor building applications

    D20/D200 RTU Automation Solution
    Application: RTU automation for indoor, outdoor and pole-top transmission and distribution SCADA applications
    Solution: Direct interface to the SCADA Master Stations provides effective communications between IEDs over multiple communication protocols, as well as a direct interface to switchyard equipment and devices.
    Pre-designed, Integrated Retrofit Solutions for Legacy Protection and Control

    GE's retrofit solutions are comprehensive modernization and upgrade solution sets for a variety of legacy protection and control relays and subsystems. Retrofit Solutions provide one-to-one retrofit upgrade solutions leveraging state-of-the-art microprocessor based protection devices for advanced protection and control functionality.

    To learn more, download the Multilin DGPR brochure.

    Key Benefits
    • Simplified Retrofit Designs: Pre-designed, modular solution for ease of installation and testing in an existing protection panel
    • Convergence: Provide the protection and control functions required for large power system assets in one relay platform to replace multiple single function devices
    • Total Quality Solution: Designed, assembled, wired and tested under high assurance and quality control standards. Each retrofit solution type is provided with complete documentation with as-built drawings, wiring matchup details for ease of site installation and testing

    Retrofit Solution Example

    Multilin DGPR - Integrated Solution for Retrofit of GE's Multilin DGP Generator Protection Relay

    The Multilin DGRP is a fully integrated retrofit solution of GE's legacy Multilin Generator Protection DGP Relay. The Multilin DGPR is designed for a one-to-one replacement of a Multilin DGP relay with a G60-based retrofit solution. The Multilin DGPR is well suited for large hydro, gas and steam turbine generators, providing state-of-the-art, modern protection and control functionality for these critical power system assets.

    Solution Features:
    • Multilin G60 Advanced Generator Protection Relay (G60-UA4-HKH-F8M-H6P-M8M-P6M-U6C-WRH)
    • Five test switches for CT, VT, Trip, and DC circuit isolation
    • Gauge 11 metal plate to mount G60 relay and test switches
    • Integrated wiring to connect relay through the FT test switches and back of the module
    • Self-contained wiring between G60, FT switches and terminal blocks at the back of the module, to connect existing Generator Protection Panel (GPP) wiring
    • Installation documentation to assist with mounting in a GPP panel
    • Internal wiring and interconnection diagram
    • G60 relay settings, based on DGP settings (optional)

    One-to-one retrofit solution for GE's Multilin DGP relay
    Comprehensive Protection, Control and Automation Project

    Project solution

    GE Packaged Solutions offers projects in the area of protection, control and automation. The typical scope for such projects includes engineering a P&C and/or automation system, supplying packaged solutions, and assisting and supporting site acceptance testing and commissioning.

    Features & Benefits
    Complete engineering and design of protection, control and automation schemes for generation, transmission and/or distribution and industrial automation applications. Our team of P&C and automation experts work with customers in defining the complete project scope, protection and control and automation requirements, and providing a fully compliant design. Following are the key features and benefits of leveraging GE’s Smart Substation Packaged Solutions projects portfolio:

    Project solution
    • Full capability for in-house design, engineering and development of Packaged Solutions applications for P&C and automation
    • Capability and proven experience in project management, sourcing and material procurement, construction, panel wiring and testing
    • Technical site support for commissioning and site acceptance testing
    • Fully integrated Lean, Six Sigma and ISO 9001 quality standards and processes

    Substation Controls in a Box

    Modular solutions offer flexibility and quality. They can be put in place for temporary or permanent situations, and are built in controlled environments that are not subject to the construction delays that plague traditionally built options.

    GE’s Substation Controls in a Box is a comprehensive, fully integrated, protection, control, automation, and communication solution for distribution utility and industrial applications. This packaged solution is well suited for projects of all sizes, from small to large, in distribution utility, wind collector and industrial substation applications. It provides state-of-the-art, plug and play capability.