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Advanced protection and control across the power system


Generators provide the power for the entire electrical grid. Multilin relays protect generators during external disturbances.

Transmission & Distribution

Multilin products allow utilities to implement system stabilizing and cost saving options previously considered impossible.


Asset protection is critical - revenue generating processes demand reliable protection that is flexible, easy-to-use, and able to withstand harsh environments.

GeneratorTransformerTransmission LineBusFeederMotor
  • Unparalleled protection, control & diagnostics

    Multilin devices provide innovative solutions for the protection, control and monitoring of generator assets. From the protection and control of utility generators to ensuring the safe interconnection of renewable energy sources to the grid, to synchronization and load shedding solutions using advanced automation, Multilin products and services work to maximize asset reliability and operational life.

    View Generator Protection Products

        G30, G60

    Advanced Generator Protection & Control


    Medium and large generators

    Pumped storage applications

    Transformer in-zone applications

    Steam, hydraulic, combustion


    Cost Effective Generator Protection


    Comprehensive generator protection from small to large generators

    Industrial or utility power generation

    Co-generation or distributed generation

    Unit transformer applications

    G650, W650

    Distributed Generation Protection & Control


    Distributed generation

    Wind turbine and alternative energy

    Transfer trip applications

    Interconnection protection

  • Adaptive & sensitive transformer protection

    Multilin protection & control devices deliver innovative steps to provide diagnostic and monitoring solutions that detect problematic conditions before they evolve into catastrophic failures for utility and industrial customers. Utilizing advanced algorithms to detect abnormal conditions such as hottest-spot, aging insulation and transformer loss of life within the power transformer, Multilin protection relays allow operators to follow an as needed maintenance program reducing total life-cycle costs.

    View Transformer Protection Products


    Advanced Transformer Protection


    Medium to large MV - HV transformers

    Auto-transformer banks

    Main & backup protection with 5 distance zones

    Up to six current sources (windings)


    Cost effective Transformer Protection


    Medium to large LV – MV transformers

    Main protection for distribution schemes

    Transmission schemes backup protection

    Transformer – bus protection for small distribution systems

    845, 345

    high-Speed, Draw-out Protection


    2- and 3-winding power & distribution transformers

    Primary and back-up transformer protection & management

    Advanced conditioned based transformer health monitoring

    Tap-changer and breaker health monitoring

  • Transmission Line

    Our solutions optimize and increase transmission system reliability. With real-time system monitoring tools utilizing synchrophasor measurement data, utilities are able to pursue demand response initiatives and implement remedial action schemes. Wide area protection, fault and disturbance analysis capabilities ensure utilities maximize power system reliability and customer service.

    View Transmission Line Protection Products


    Complete Line Protection Device


    Line differential and full distance

    All pilot schemes

    Transmission and sub-transmission Applications

    Series compensated lines

    L30, L60

    Secure Line Differential


    Line differential with distance back-up

    Single and three-pole tripping

    Digital communication

    Cost effective model for sub-transmission

    D90Plus, D60

    Fast Distance Protection


    Sub-cycle tripping

    Transmission and sub-transmission Applications

    Series compensated

    Cost effective model for sub-transmission

  • Protecting power system convergence points

    High-speed fault-clearing operation and security of individual bus segments, and the circuits connected to each segment, is critical to ensure power system stability, minimize arc-flash hazard and equipment damage. Multilin protection and control devices offer true integration of features including protection, monitoring, metering, communications and control into one easy-to-use device. Our products ensure the required protection and control selectivity, and deliver the reliability needed for even
    the most complex bus configurations.

    View Bus Protection Products


    Distributed Low Impedance


    Bus schemes with up to 24 breakers

    Generation, transmission, distribution

    Single breaker, breaker-and-a-half, and double bus arrangements

    B30, B90

    Advanced Low Impedance


    Bus schemes - up to 6 circuits & 2 zones (B30) or up to 24 circuits & 6 zones (B90)

    Distribution, sub-transmission and transmission substations

    MV and HV systems

    Breaker failure & overcurrent protection


    High Impedance


    Switchgear and substations

    LV, MV, HV systems

    Restricted ground fault to machines and transformers

  • Immediate sensing and isolation to prevent hazards

    Multilin protection & control devices improve power system safety and ensure efficient recovery of distribution networks through fault isolation, sectionalization and power system restoration schemes. From the detection of fallen power lines and damaged underground cables using Hi-Z detection, to incipient cable fault detection and arc flash mitigation, Multilin relays provide the high-speed sensing and isolation required to minimize system outages and ensure operator and general public safety.

    View Distribution Feeder Protection Products

    F60, F35

    High-end, Multiple Feeder Protection


    Multiple/single high-end feeders and Incomers

    Transfer schemes

    Recloser protection & control

    850, 750/760, F650

    Comprehensive Feeder Protection


    High-end feeders and incomers

    Transfer schemes

    Recloser protection & control


    Cost-effective Feeder Protection


    MV/LV feeders

    Primary or backup protection

    MCCs & PDC LV systems

  • Motor

    Multilin devices deliver next generation, advanced motor protection with a complete offering of protection and control products for LV and MV motors. From protecting down hole pump motors to low voltage conveyor systems, Multilin relays provide the flexibility to meet industrial protection requirements. Coupled with advanced diagnostics, powerful automation and multiple communications options including support for IEC 61850, GE’s Multilin relays lead the industry in advanced motor protection.

    View Motor Protection Products

    M60, 469

    The Standard in Motor Protection


    Gas and liquid separation

    Lift pumps

    Wellhead monitoring

    Centrifugal pumps

    869, 339

    Monitor Your Motor's Health


    Down-hole pumps

    High-inertia and two speed loads


    Booster stations

    MM300, MM200

    Advanced LV Motor Management


    Refinery automation and control

    Belts and conveyor systems

    LV pump applications

    LV fan applications

CyberSentry™ SEM Security Event Manager is GE's cyber security management and monitoring system, specifically designed to help utilities and energy intensive industrial companies manage security risks. CyberSentry SEM stands guard 24/7, monitoring for configuration changes and cyber security issues. If a problem is detected, the system alerts operators using its industry standard syslog technology. With an intuitive interface and customizable reports, CyberSentry SEM helps users prepare for NERC CIP audits.


GE Multilin offers a wide range of services to assist with solutions to power protection challenges. Our PMCS Energy Management System enables economic and efficient energy use by optimizing the control of processes and equipment. Multilin Advanced Training Services provides high-quality courses including in-class training, on-site training, and Interactive Learning CDs. Our team of experienced Consulting Services Engineers can help with end-to-end solutions or designing, commissioning and maintaining protective systems and power system protection devices. Multilin Packages Solutions is a global one-stop solution for engineering and building customized relay panels.


EnerVista™ is an industry-leading suite of software tools designed to simplify working with Multilin devices. The suite consists of tools that streamline processes such as creating and validating settings files, integrating Multilin devices to Automation systems, and monitoring and controlling the equipment being protected. Launchpad is an industry leading device setup and document management toolset for Multilin protective relays. Viewpoint Engineer features Logic, IEC61850 system configuration and real-time monitoring. Viewpoint Maintenance provides comprehensive security auditing, device and asset health reporting and fault data retrieval. Viewpoint Monitoring is an easy-to-use monitoring and data recording toolset. Integrator delivers OPC connectivity to automation and historian applications