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Feeder Protection

GE’s distribution feeder protection systems provide advanced protection with flexibility, programmability and communications for maximum system reliability. Our highly skilled engineers and technicians understand distribution feeder principles and the sources of faults on overhead and underground distribution feeders. They apply their knowledge to the design and manufacture of some of the most advanced protection relays and systems in the world.

Major faults occurring in the distribution system such as arc flash, incipient cable splice fault, high impedance fault and others, must be sensed quickly and isolated immediately to prevent hazards to the general public and personnel. Learn how GE’s Multilin A60, F60 and 750 solutions provide early fault detection and warning in this spotlight application.

Interactive Selector Guide

Distribution & Industrial Substation Feeder Protection

850 Feeder Protection System The Multilin 850 relay, a member of the 8 Series family, is designed for high performance protection, control and monitoring of feeders in utilities and industries. With comprehensive, advanced feeder protection functions, the 850 supports both industrial and distribution utility feeders. Dual feeders (850D) and multi feeder (850P) in electrical applications are also supported.

F650 Feeder Protection System High end features in an economical package. The F650, a member of the 650 Family of protection relays, is high performance digital device that incorporates protection, control, and metering in a economical package. Use the F650 to protect HV/MV feeders, bus couplers, transformers and capacitor banks. The F650 is the first feeder relay with remote I/O capabilities via the CIO module.

Distribution & Industrial Feeder Protection in a Compact Case

MiCOM Agile P14N, P14D & P94V Feeder Protection The P14N non-directional feeder, P14D directional feeder, and P94V voltage and frequency IEDs are ideal for protection, control and monitoring of overhead lines, underground cables, busbars, breakers, transformers, reactors, distributed generation and motors. The IEDs are suitable for application in-solidly earthed, resistance-earthed, and Petersen coil systems alike.

350 Feeder Protection System Innovative feeder protection in one integrated, economical and compact package. Protection functions include over current and directional elements, auto reclose and breaker failure, as well as integrated arc flash protection. This 3 Series relay is available with multiple options including draw out or non draw out, and with or without chassis for spare parts, replacements or testing purposes.

Transmission & Sub-Transmission Protection

F60 Feeder Protection System Feeder protection, control, monitoring and metering in one integrated package. The F60, a member of the UR Family of protection relays, provides high performance feeder protection, control, monitoring and metering in an integrated, economical, and compact package. The F60 includes GE Multilin's unique high impedance fault detection for fast and reliable detection of faults caused by downed conductors.

MiCOM Agile P14x Feeder Protection The MiCOM Agile P14x feeder protection relays provide an integrated solution for the complete protection, control and monitoring of overhead lines and underground cables, covering all distribution and transmission voltage levels. Providing the essential information to efficiently maintain complex power systems and their components, the MiCOM Agile P14x relay family is user-friendly and highly flexible, allowing application on any network.

MiCOM Agile P341 Interconnection Protection and Dynamic Line RatingThe MiCOM Agile P341 interconnection protection relays offer the protection requirements necessary for operating machines in parallel with the main power supply network. The P341 can be customized to meet the specific needs of the intended application. It offers complete, cost-effective and highly reliable protection for interconnecting distributed generators to the grid. The P341 also includes Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) protection to optimize transmission line capacity.

Multi-Feeder / Multi-Bay Protection

850P Multi Feeder Protection SystemThe Multilin 850P relay, a member of the 8 Series family, has been designed for the management, protection and control of multi feeder applications supporting both traditional voltage inputs as well as Low Energy Analog (LEA) inputs.

F35 Multiple Feeder Protection System Protection, control, monitoring and metering for multiple feeder applications. The F35, a member of the UR Family of protection relays, is the only feeder product on the market that provides feeder protection and power metering for up to five feeders with busbar voltage measurement, or six feeders without busbar voltage in one integrated package. Use the F35 as a stand-alone device or as a component of an automated substation control system.

LV Feeder Relays

MiCOM Agile P154 Feeder Protection The Agile P154 relay provides non directional overcurrent and earth fault for MV/LV and HV backup feeder protection. The relay features a wide range of measurement, protection and monitoring functions and is easily customizable using programmable BI/BO/LEDs/AND logic. The P154 is economical, designed for deployment in volume in lower voltage systems, as a backup relay in HV systems, or as direct refurbishment of non-communicating overcurrent relays.

MiCOM Agile P15D Feeder ProtectionThe P15D is a dual-powered non-directional overcurrent and earth fault relay. It provides protection for applications where no external auxiliary power is available or the auxiliary supply does not guarantee the dependability required for protection applications. The relay is designed for MV/LV industrial installations, distribution network substations and more specifically in RMU networks for protection and monitoring purposes.

General Purpose Feeder Solutions

MiCOM Agile P161, P162 & P163 Feeder Protection Agile P161, P162 & P163 relays are compact, multifunction and versatile solutions that provide feeder protection, control and monitoring in one box. The relay family is suitable as main or backup protection for a wide range of typical applications and covers all common power system earthing arrangements such as solid, resistive, or resonant earthing and isolated networks.

750/760 Feeder Protection System Complete, economical protection and monitoring of industrial and utility feeders. The 750/760 Feeder Protection System, a member of the SR Family of protection relays, is a draw out digital relay intended for the management and primary protection of distribution feeders. It can also be used for management and backup protection of busses, transformers, and power lines.

735/737 Feeder Protection SystemThree-phase and ground feeder protection. The 735/737, a member of the SR Family of protection relays, is a microprocessor-based draw out relay used to perform primary circuit protection on distribution networks at any voltage level. Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to the Multilin 350 or Multilin 850.

MIF II Feeder Protection SystemMost economical feeder protection with recloser. The MIF II is a member of the M II Family of protection relays. Use the MIF II to perform primary circuit protection on distribution networks at any voltage level, or as backup/auxiliary protection for transformers, generators and motors.

MIF Feeder Protection SystemEconomical feeder protection. The MIF is a member of the M Family of protection relays. Use the MIF to perform primary circuit protection on distribution networks at any voltage level, or as backup/auxiliary protection for transformers, generators and motors.

R650 Recloser Controller for Distribution Networks The Multilin R650 offers a flexible solution for automatic protection and remote operation on distribution networks. With its unique driving electronics module enabling true 4 shot auto reclosing and advanced logic programming, the R650 helps ensure network stability and efficiency.

FM2 Feeder Protection SystemIntegrated process and electrical control with protection for low voltage feeders. The FM2 is available with a variety of protection and control features. FM2 can be used for fuse contactors feeders or feeders with breakers having built in trip units. Manufacturing for this product has been discontinued. As an alternative, please refer to the Multilin 350.

Arc Flash Protection

A60 Arc Flash Detection SystemThe Multilin A60 Arc Flash System is a high-speed and secure arc flash detection unit using GE's unique light and pressure wave detection for reduced equipment damage.