Wide area coverage over miles of highway and track worldwide for traffic, railway and transport applications in harsh environments
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For highways, roads, bridges, tunnels, rail transit, freight railways, and airports, GE's Lentronics optical communications solutions with intelligent bandwidth allocation, creates the network for video surveillance, fare collection, passenger information systems, train control, and emergency voice applications.

Railway operators can gain efficiencies by remotely controlling track switches, rather than using excess time and energy to stop the train and manually change the switch. GE provides secure, reliable MDS wireless communications across thousands of miles of highway and track worldwide, helping rail customers automate their switch controls and safety signaling.

Unnecessary trip faults and power system failure in a subway's electrical infrastructure could easily cause an entire line to come to a stop, stranding thousands of passengers. Multilin feeder and transformer protection solutions ensure power systems remains stable, while reliable uninterruptible power supplies provide continuous emergency backup power for control systems.
The Multilin line of transformer and feeder protection systems provide power system control and dependability for rail systems and airports. GE delivers accurate electric network monitoring with superior communications support, powerful automation capabilities, and advanced protection elements.
Our MDS and Lentronics products deliver reliable wireless communications and networking solutions for security & video systems, intelligent highways, rail train control and SCADA applications. We provide wide area coverage over miles upon miles of highway and track worldwide for condition monitoring, signaling, switch control, and linking of infrastructure control locations. This includes remote locomotive control, dispatch systems and traffic monitoring.
GE's Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems are designed to ensure the continuity of power for transportation computer and control systems, avoiding data loss and control system failure. With Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) technology eliminates single points of failure in critical power protection applications.