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Protection, control, power and communication applications across the power system
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GE Digital Energy products offer advanced solutions for a wide range of utility applications including energy generation, transmission, distribution and residential use. Our products provide protection and control of key assets, enable communications for the Smart Grid, and facilitate clean, reliable power.
Harsh environments demand solutions that have been designed to perform reliably in extreme conditions. GE Digital Energy provides industrially hardened solutions for use in pipeline monitoring and control, wellhead monitoring and control, as well as SCADA automation. Our solutions help customers protect their assets while increasing process efficiency and safety.
Downtime is not an option for critical facilities such as hospitals and data centers. GE Digital Energy provides superior technology for efficient backup power management. We help ensure that mission critical equipment and processes are protected and uninterrupted by power system anomalies.
Heavy process operations in the mining, petrochemical and industrial agriculture industries rely on GE Digital Energy for protection, monitoring and control of assets and processes. From plant operations and asset tracking to refining, processing and component analysis, our products provide customers with efficiency and peace-of-mind.
From industrial facilities to public water treatment and delivery centers, customers rely on our advanced products and services to meet water and wastewater process requirements. Our solutions facilitate a wide variety of tank and pipeline monitoring applications as well as valve and pump protection and control.
Helping to shape the mobility of tomorrow, we provide innovative solutions that perform reliably in the harshest environments for traffic and transport applications such as traffic monitoring and signal control, remote control locomotive, and dispatching systems.