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TSM Operator/Dispatcher - End User

Digital Energy Energy Management Systems
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This course identifies all functions related to Transmission Security Management (TSM) Operations, Equipment Outage Scheduler (EOS), and Network Status Processor (NSP). The course gives a hands-on overview of the functionality, capabilities, and utilization of those functions.


2 Days per session or 2.5 days per session with NERC CEH Option


SCADA Operator Training


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Identify the principle TSM, NSP and EOS functions

Identify different modes of TSM operation

Interpret State Estimator outputs

Set up and analyze present and postulated system operating conditions

Perform "what if" study

Identify the schedule of power controls that optimizes a specified objective while simultaneously satisfying system operating constraints for a study case

Identify the strategy for responding to the occurrence of a contingency for a study case

Identify a list of actions to prevent the hazardous conditions in the event that the contingency case becomes reality for a study case

Interpret TSM outputs

Operate TSM displays

Interpret NSP outputs

Hands-on lab experience reinforces the topics discussed in class.