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This class presents the fundamental tools and utilities used to manage and make adjustments to PowerOn Reliance software. Topics include: system start-up procedures; node restarts; cparm and opchar entry modifications; database saves across cold starts (memos, tags, manual entries); disturbance data archives and transfers; Load Shed group and control point definition; Logical Display Reference list conversion; debugging files and methods.


4 days


UNIX, Software Architecture for PowerOn Reliance


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Define the entries for the system configuration file used at PowerOn Reliance system start-up

Determine and make changes to the operational characteristics (OPCHAR) of system executables

Determine and make changes to the values of the current configurable parameter (CPARM) entries

List which programs are included in the system initialization list (ILIST) entries

Determine which system files will be distributed to configured nodes at system start-up

Determine which database files will be distributed to each node at database initialization

Locate the directories and files used for system base history and database editor history

Use CMS to incorporate changes to software files

Use debug to trace system software problems

Define a disturbance data trigger

Define a disturbance data transfer set

Define a load shed group

Define a load shed control point

Logical Display Reference list