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Software Architecture

Digital Energy Energy Management Systems
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The purpose of this course is to provide a detailed introduction of the architecture of the PowerOn Reliance system. Software subsystems are broken down and discussed at a program level. This course serves as the foundation for the remainder of the courses offered by the GE Technical Training Center. The course is designed for students who will be modifying, maintaining and supporting the PowerOn Reliance system software. External interfaces such as hardware and user interactions are illustrated through lab demonstrations to further aid understanding.


3 Days


Unix® Fundamentals
Windows® Fundamentals


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Describe the overall functionality of the PowerOn Reliance System

Describe the functions of the PowerOn Reliance subsystems (functional components) and of the PowerOn Reliance System

Describe the PowerOn Reliance environment in terms of functional and physical nodes

Determine a given program's subsystem and function

Describe program interactions within various subsystems

Identify the users of various database elements

Identify the directory paths for source, header, configuration, and data files