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SCADA Operator/Dispatcher - End User

Digital Energy Energy Management Systems
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This course is designed to teach control room operations staff the operation and use of the SCADA features of an PowerOn Reliance workstation using the Graphical User Interface (GUI) Application specific to the customer (X®-Windows Motif® or EnterNet Control). Training is at a customer site on customer workstations This course is instructed using extensive hands-on exercises.


2 Days per session or 2.5 days per session with NERC CEH Option


Basic knowledge of local operating requirements, constraints, and procedures of control systems is necessary. It is suggested that this course be offered prior to commissioning the system. We highly recommend 1 student per workstation, depending on customer requirements.


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Call up SCADA displays in various ways

Set-up the display screen in a desired configuration, in order to view several displays in separate Viewports

Perform status point selection and device control

Perform analog point selection and data entry

Perform tag placement, modification, and deletion

Display summary information of alarms, abnormal conditions, and tagged points

Acknowledge and delete alarms

Assign data points to video trend variables