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Operator/Dispatcher Training Simulator (DTS/OTS)

Digital Energy Energy Management Systems
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The participants will learn the functions of the Dispatcher/Operator Training Simulator to train other operators in a real-time simulation of an energy control center's daily environment. Engineers will become versed in the instructor-simulator interface and the procedures involved in the set-up and execution of a model simulation.


2.5 Days per session or 3 days per session with NERC CEH Option


SCADA Operator
Generation Dispatch & Control – GDC Part I
Transmission Security Management – TSM Part I


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Set-up a simulation scenario and to initialize the simulation

Store scenarios for future simulation sessions

Demonstrate the use of the instructor interface to simulate system conditions and disturbances

Set-up a list of events (generator outages, breaker changes of state, etc.) to occur during a training simulation session according to a specified time schedule or conditional events

Demonstrate basic skills and knowledge necessary to use the DTS system for training dispatchers for both normal and emergency operating conditions, planning for scheduled equipment outages and planning, emulating, and training for future system scenario