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Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP)

Digital Energy Energy Management Systems
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This course provides information and hands-on exercises that will enable the student to understand ICCP associations and define them in an PowerOn Reliance database. Students will configure the PC and PowerOn Reliance ICCP software, and use various utilities to effect datalink transfers.

The class includes an overview of the TASE.2/ICCP and MMS standards, an explanation of the mapping between TASE.2 objects, and the PowerOn Reliance database; procedures to configure the ISO network software; procedure to populate the PowerOn Reliance database for ICCP associations; and the actual transfer of data between two (fictional) control centers. The class will enable Engineering/ Programming staff to configure the PowerOn Reliance system ICCP software and to initialize and use
the ICCP datalink.


3 Days


UNIX Fundamentals


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Define the essentials of bilateral table agreements

Define the relationship of ICCP and TASE.2 (IEC) standards to MMS

Define the relationship between ICCP objects and XA/21 database entities

Identify and define ICCP Block transfers between control centers

Configure the POWERON RELIANCE database and OSI stack to accomplish an ICCP transfer

Describe the OSI layers of the network protocol

Configure ISO network software

Determine the type of block (1-9) required for a specific transfer task

View the results of a block transfer

Add and delete ICCP transfer sets

Use the ICCP Administration Utility to start and stop transfers

Examine Data Link Logs to view datalink historical activity