Digital Energy  Utility Operations Systems  Energy Management System  Generation Dispatch & Control (GDC) - Part I
Generation Dispatch & Control (GDC) - Part I

Digital Energy Energy Management Systems
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This course gives an overview of the theory, function and use of the GDC subsystem software. Discussion topics include:

Automatic Generation Control, (AGC)

Generation Dispatch

Reserve Monitoring

AGC Performance Monitoring and NERC Reporting

Production Costing and Reporting

System and Unit Tuning and Response Testing


3 Days


Knowledge of power systems operation is desirable


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Identify the functions of the principle GDC component programs

Identify the input variables to the Area Control Error (ACE)

List the control modes for generating units and describe the impact of the control mode on Generation Dispatch

Perform mode changes for system and unit components via GDC display interaction

Hands-on lab experience reinforces the topics discussed in class.