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Database Editor - Part I

Digital Energy Energy Management Systems
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This course is an introduction to the organization of the relational database for the PowerOn Reliance system. The concept of a relational database view is presented to provide the information required to populate the SCADA portions of the database. These tables include point tables (status, analog, accumulator, etc.), as well as the supporting tables required to incorporate customer requirements. The data is presented from the focal point of the database views as designed for the PowerOn Reliance system. This course trains the user on database editing operations using the PowerOn Reliance Database Editor, which provides a simplified, user-oriented picture of the underlying database. The class also covers bulk data loads into the database. Students use standard database batch files as examples on how to construct their own batch files. The presentation also encompasses utility support programs related to database maintenance and file integrity. Various database views are examined to identify the structure of the editing system and its related functional interfaces.


2 Days


Software Architecture for PowerOn Reliance
Unix Fundamentals
SQL Basics


Upon completion of the course, the participant will be able to:

Demonstrate familiarity with PowerOn Reliance database terminology

Identify and describe standard database views

Initialize and use a database editor session to enter new data into the database

Efficiently use both interactive and batch editing processes

Demonstrate the use of database editor search techniques