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Utilities Communications

Providing Fast, Reliable and Secure Communications for Grid Operations

GE is a full-scope provider of operational telecom solutions and dedicated products for electrical power delivery systems. World-wide experience in large turn-key projects has given GE a utility-grade vision of mission-criticality and real-time performance, as well as an outstanding expertise in the migration of critical telecom network infrastructures. This vision, combining telecom technology, network architecture and operational performance, makes GE a reliable partner for providing power system communication networks.

The GE telecom portfolio is composed of advanced but proven technologies adapted for operation in harsh electromagnetic and climatic conditions encountered in different HV plants across the world and type-tested according to international industrial and electrotechnical standards. Complexity is confined into easy-to-use intelligent operational tools allowing error-free site configuration and commissioning without in-depth knowledge of telecom technologies.

Hardware & Software Offering

Network and Service Management

  • Sentinel: Real-time multivendors telecom system management platform, monitoring of network faults and framework for managing O&M, Quality of Service and User SLA obligations

Protection and Control

  • Gridcom IEC 61850 teleprotection enabling critical communications for power system automation architectures including substation to substation exchanges
  • Gridcom DIP: Secure transfer of tripping and blocking commands for Distance Protection over dedicated optical fibers, analog circuits and digital communication channels

HV Powerline Communication

  • Gridcom T390: Universal analog and/or digital Power Line Carrier for transmission of voice, data, teleprotection and any kind of critical and non-critical signal over HV transmission lines to suit all customer needs
  • Gridcom TPHF: High frequency teleprotection. A cost effective and narrowband solution to transmit tripping commands through overhead line.
  • Gridcom LMU: Coupling device is designed to insert and extract PLC signals from high voltage lines under optimum impedance matching
  • Gridcom TPI: Integrated teleprotection module for Gridcom T390 PLC, ensuring reliable, secure and prompt signalling for a protected power system

Optical Networks

  • Gridcom DXC: Service Multiplexing and Cross-connect Platform integrating HV substation legacy interfaces and new IP routing applications
  • Gridcom DXC-s and Gridcom MSE: Broadband SDH transmission of information over Optical fibers associated to the HV grid
  • Gridcom e-DXC: Versatile access and transmission platform with high service optimization

Smart Grid Communication

  • Powercom: Broadband power line modem with integrated switch designed for communications on medium and low voltage grids
  • Packetcom: Modular, compact access and aggregation Platform for operational communication networks
  • Wavecom: Robust wireless routers designed to work under harsh conditions commonly found on substations and industrial applications

Training, Consulting & Support

  • Training: Extensive series of courses tailored to Power Utility needs
  • Network Consulting: expert assistance for the definition of target networks and migration paths.
  • Support: Field Maintenance & Customer Support through world-wide network of telecom dedicated technical skills


  • Solution Engineering, Platform validation, Deployment and System Integration by experienced Project Managers and Expert teams
  • Field Commissioning and End-to-end Testing

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