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GE provides a complete portfolio of software solutions for customers in multiple industries. For electric utilities, this includes end-to-end solutions that optimize the way to solve for the challenge of grid transformation in an integrated and interoperable grid management solution. These solutions provide the optimum response that is predictive and prescriptive, connecting traditionally siloed systems and providing integrated workflows end-to-end delivered via a brilliant UI/UX. They also connect and orchestrate in new ways, leveraging data across the enterprise using advanced analytics, machine learning and AI, flexible in form - on-prem, on the edge and in the cloud.

For telecom customers, GE’s software solutions provide a consolidated, cross-technology, end-to-end view of the telecommunications network, enabling customers to plan, build and maintain their network infrastructure and to effectively manage the capacity available to provide services to their customers.

Software solutions for gas and pipelines provide customers the tools to manage, optimize and control assets for gas distribution and pipelines.

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