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GE smart grid solutions are redefining energy realities around the world.
Our proven technology, focused innovation and unmatched expertise optimize end-to-end grid efficiency, reliability and flexibility. If there’s an opportunity for improvement – from generation and transmission to distribution and consumption – chances are GE is already working on the solution.

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GE Grid Solutions publishes a quarterly Journal that presents compilations of white papers and customer co-authored stories to a growing base of over 10,000 subscribers. Journal topics cover the challenges facing the present electric utility grid and some of the viable solutions available. From advancements in technology that enable the smart grid, to developing a business case for smart grid solutions, and designing a communications infrastructure for the smart grid, the Journal provides a framework to help utilities define their own smart grid implementation.

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Grid Stability / Synchrophasors

Application of Phasor Measurement Units for Disturbance Recording

Implementation and Performance of Synchrophasor Function within Microprocessor Based Relays

Synchrophasors: Definition Measurement and Application

Wide Area Special Protection Scheme

Design and Implementation of Wide Area Special Protection Schemes

Practical Solutions with Modern Relays to Avoid Catastrophic Failures

Microgrid / Substation Automation

Timeline Controls in Microgrid Applications

A Utility’s Experience in the Implementation of Substation Automation Projects

Secure Substation Automation


Improving Data Throughput on a Wireless IED Network

Windfarm System Protection Using Peer-to-Peer Communications


Application Considerations in System Integrity Protection Schemes

Protection Basics: Introduction to Symmetrical Components

Transmission Line Protection Principles

Distance Relay Fundamentals

Rebirth of the Phase Comparison Line Protection Principle

Applying Digital Line Current Differential Relays Over Pilot Wires

Transformer Protection Principles

Setting Transformer Differential Inrush Restraint

Phase Angle Regulating Transformers

Addressing Window Type Transformer Proximity Errors

Innovative Distribution Feeder Protection

Commissioning and Testing Complex Busbar Protection Schemes

Status on the First IEC61850-Based Protection and Control Project

IEC 61850 - A Practical Application Primer for Protection Engineers and Aging CCVTs

Fundamentals of Adaptive Protection of Large Capacitor Banks

Self-Adaptive Generator Protection Methods


Inside the Cybersecurity Perimeter

Security Aspects of Communications to Substations

Practical Considerations for Security

Cybersecurity Issues for Protective Relays

NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection: Cyber Asset Protection