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SF6 gas recovery regulation EC 517-2014
For experienced personnel (V0033)
SF6 gas recovery regulation EC 517-2014

2 days

Who should attend?

Staff recovering SF6 gas

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Know the general characteristics of SF6 gas
  • Control its environmental impact, emissions and the greenhouse effect
  • Use the SF6 gas in total safety
  • Carry out the best practices related to the use of SF6 according to the equipment involved
  • Understand the functions of equipment used for the recovery, control and measurement of SF6 gas

Theoretical part

  • Environment and SF6 – Regulation EC 517-2014
  • Sulphur hexafluoride
  • Electric components and SF6
  • Various qualities of SF6
  • SF6 design of electrical equipment
  • Storage and transportation of SF6

Legal constraints

  • Products of decomposition and neutralization
  • Monitoring of gas and the environment

Practical part

  • Preparation of practical session on SF6 recovery
  • Practical work on SF6
  • SF6 recovery and use of suitable PPE in a contaminated environment

Assessment and certification

  • Theoretical assessment – Individual multiple choice questionnaire
  • Practical work on SF6 recovery (individual exam)
  • Control and measurement of gas to be recovered
  • Practice of SF6 recovery using a recovery device
  • Practice of SF6 recovery and decomposition product
Learning path
Prerequisites V0033 Next step
All trainings related to SF6

50% practical
50% theoretical

Issue of an individual certificate allowing
to recover the SF6 in the 27 country of EU.
Note: A version of this course is also applied to the Non-European Regulation IEC 62271-4