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SF6 gas recovery regulation EC 517-2014
Evaluation & certification (V0039)
SF6 gas recovery regulation EC 517-2014

1 day of test

Who should attend?

Staff recovering SF6 gas

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French Version
What will I learn from this course?
  • Obtain the compulsory certification to manage any fluoride gas recovery in conformity with EC 517-2014 regulation adapted to the French law
  • Perform theoretical and practical tests, according to the official texts

Theoretical test (1 hour MCQ)

A test including several questions to evaluate the required skills or knowledge, mentioned within EC regulation N° 305/2008 of April 2, 2008 committee.

  • Basic knowledge on relevant topics related to environment
  • Physical, chemical and environmental characteristics of the SF6
  • Use of SF6 in electric equipment
  • Quality of the SF6 according to the applicable industrial standards
  • Understanding of the design of an electric equipment
  • Storage and transport of the SF6
  • Re-use of SF6 and different reuse categories
  • Neutralization of the SF6 sub-products
  • SF6 monitoring and recording obligations

Practical test (1h30 individually)

A practical test during which the candidate will have to execute the corresponding task with the help of the material, the tools and the necessary equipment.

  • Quality control of the SF6
  • Recovering of the SF6 or of mixtures based on SF6, refining of the SF6
  • Running of the recovering device of the SF6
  • Running of device used for waterproof connecting to gas for shunt if necessary
  • Work in open compartment of SF6

Learning path
Prerequisites V0039 Next step
Intervening on the electric device of >1 kV. Carrying out the recovery of fluorine gas 1h of theoretical test, 1h30 of practical test per candidate
Topics covered extracted from the regulation (EC) n°305/2008 of April 2, 2008 committee: “minimal prescriptions related to skills and knowledge that must be evaluated by evaluation bodies”

Issue of an individual certificate allowing to recover the SF6 in the 27 countries of EU.