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Selection of the CT/VT Measurements Regulating Switch (PROG103)
DS Agile - Digital Substation (SCS010)

2 days

Who should attend?

Maintenance and commissioning engineers, protection engineers, protection design engineers, project managers.

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Understand the nature of the parameters occurring in the provisioning of a current (CT) and voltage (VT, TCT) measurement transformer
  • Current Transformers (CT) presentation: description, connecting, CT types, main characteristics, current international standards, measurement classes
  • Voltage Transformers (VT) presentation: description, connecting, VT and TCT types, main characteristics, current international standards, classes of measurement
  • CT specification method for protection winding for adaptation on protection features such as: time-overcurrent or volt-metric, distances and differential
  • Application and calculation examples
  • Constraints to be taken into account according to the protections technology to be linked
Learning path
Prerequisites PROG103 Next Step
Electro-technical and mathematical basis 100% theoretical