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Safety in explosive atmosphere – Theory
Electrical and mechanical - Level 2 (F5030)
Safety in explosive atmosphere

4 days

Who should attend?

Person technically responsible for an installation in an explosive atmosphere area: engineer, project and design manager, supervisor responsible for workers in an explosive area.

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Gain or increase knowledge required for the design, achievement and maintenance of electrical and mechanical installations (equipment) in potentially explosive atmospheres, according to the required standard
  • Ensure the safety welcoming at site
  • Ensure that equipment repair does not downgrade its safety level
  • Make all operators aware of their responsibilities
  • Supervise workers in an explosive atmosphere, and ensure the traceability of repairs
  • Issue the authorization to work in an explosive atmosphere

This training can be provided on site at your convenience. Evaluation by questionnaire, and competence certificate issued by INERIS.

  • Generalities on explosive atmosphere areas, gas and dust
  • The mechanism of an explosion
  • Comparison between different applicable standards (IECEx, CENELEC, NEC500 and 505)
  • Exploding risk area classification (gas and dust)
  • ERisk analysis according to area and equipment
  • The different types of protection for electrical equipment in explosive atmosphere areas (d, m, ia, ib…)
  • The different types of protection for mechanical equipment in explosive atmosphere areas (d, c, k…)
  • The rules applicable to gas (G) equipment in explosive atmosphere areas
  • The rules applicable to dust (D) equipment in explosive atmosphere areas
  • The rules for design, achievement, and maintenance of installations in explosive atmospheres
  • The marking of the equipment
  • Incidences for use and maintenance
  • The intervention in hazardous areas
  • Worker health and safety protection from explosive atmosphere hazards
  • Exercises (calculation of intrinsic loop appropriateness (suitability) of the equipment, area classification analysis, marking plate of the equipment reading)

Learning path
Prerequisites F5030 Next step
F5020 Electrical and mechanical fundamentals 30% practical-70% theoretical F5030
* INERIS: French national institute for industrial and environmental risk