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Protection of AC generators (D2402)
Protection of AC generators (D2402)

4 days

Who should attend?

Engineers and technicians

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Analyze the potential disturbances and their consequences on the equipment
  • Define the main protections and their settings
  • Alternators operating
  • Single-phased alternator
  • Three-phased alternator: equivalent scheme, P =f (Q) diagram
  • Characteristics of a generator group
  • Operating of a group in parallel with a grid
  • Operating of a group with a separate grid
  • Estimation of short-cut currents
  • Sub-transitory, transitory and synchronous speeds
  • Reactance of the alternators
  • Instrument transformers
  • Defect analysis, definition of the protection and setting functions
  • Engine operating
  • Earth defect of the stator
  • Overheating of the stator
  • Overloading
  • External short-cut
  • Short-cut between live-wires of the stator
  • Imbalance of the stator currents
  • Loss of excitation
  • Earth defect of the rotor
  • Synchronism break
  • Over-excitation
  • Protection of the generators
  • Protection of the power
  • Alternator - transformer blocks
  • Presentation of the protection relays
  • Case study
    • Definition of the main protection functions and settings from the sing e wired scheme of a generator group
Learning path
Prerequisites Next step
D2102 D2402