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Power transformers – Operation and maintenance (C4242)
Power transformers

1-5 days (depending on location)

Who should attend?

Technicians involved in the operation and maintenance of High Voltage substations, engineers working in HV substations

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Understand power transformer technology
  • Ensure the safe and correct operation, maintenance and testing of the transformer
  • Assess the condition/behaviour of equipment and maintenance requirements
  • Identify critical areas and interpret test results
Technical considerations in the operation of a power transformer
  • Theoretical model and attributes – CFVX, losses, voltage control
  • Voltage impedance and regulation
  • Overvoltage and overloading
  • Capability
  • Who operates a transformer?
  • Tank types, conservator types and dehydrating breathers Temperature indicators (oil /winding)
  • Cooling modes
  • Bushings
  • OCTC
  • Other accessories
Indicators, protection
  • Indicators and relays
  • Main tank and OLTC pressure devices
  • Other protective devices (differential protection, restricted earth, tank protection….)
Manufacturing process
  • Transformer assembly process in factory
  • Laboratory tests
Transportation, erection and commissioning
Periodical controls, tests and maintenance
  • Maintenance plans and inspection
  • Oil quality tests
  • DGA
  • Maintenance strategy and tasks
    • TBM, CBM, RCM
    • Fault levels, leaks, oil quality, bushings, tap-changer
Analysis of tests and controls
Protections and troubleshooting
Transformer failure/modes detection and risk mitigation
Note: practical work may differ, depending on equipment and materials available on site
Learning path
Prerequisites C4242 Next step
Basic knowledge in electricity and mechanics
Electrical qualification
60% Practical
40% theoretical
This training can be provided on site at your own convenience. Practice in operational conditions.