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PDWatch - Monitoring partial discharges (X7033)
PDWatch training course (X7033)

2.5 days

Who should attend?

Engineers and technicians

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Understand the eventual partial discharges during the running of a substation under metal enclosure
  • Control the UHF method so called "off-line" partial discharge detecting
  • Be efficient in the use of the mobile PDWatch device
  • Use the HM software of the PDWatch under normal conditions on real shielded type equipment
  • Improve G S monitoring

Partial discharges

  • Insulation defects in the applications under metal enclosures
  • Different types of insulation defects
  • Physical and chemical phenomena due to partial discharges
  • Electromagnetic waves spread in the applications under metal enclosures

Means of detecting

  • Conventional method
  • UHF method so called "off-line"
  • Portable material and solution
  • UHF type coupling units
  • Process of checking of the
  • Coupling units used as voltage capacitive detectors

Capture principles of the PDWatch

  • General presentation
  • Use step by step
  • Recording of the data under the C GRE format
  • Recording of the graphic data
  • Data management

Use of the "PDWatch manager" software tool

  • General presentation
  • Use step by step

Practical Works

  • Running of the portable solution
  • Presentation on a real size"shielded" equipment
  • Functioning of the portable solution
  • Synchronizing on a real size shield installation
  • Commissioning
  • Simulations and repairing
  • Communications errors
  • State error of the captors

Software tool of the PDWatch

  • Safety information
  • Scheduling
  • Installation of material
  • Disjunction of material
  • PDWatch architecture
Learning path
Prerequisites X7033
Fundamentals in electricity and mechanics. Good knowledge of "shielded" solutions 70% practical
30% theoretical