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MV/LV industrial installations with digital protection and MiCOM relays (D2502)
MV/LV industrial training (D2502)

4 days

Who should attend?

Engineers and technicians

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What will I learn from this course?
  • lntegrate the relays in a protection system
  • Know their characteristics and their running
  • Parameter manually and/or through hardware
  • Ensure the main operations
  • Simulate the defects and analyze them

Digital technologies

  • Development towards numerical systems

Analysis of the single wired schemes

  • ldentification of the protection relays and of the associated measure transformers

Protection systems

  • "Earth" protection schedule
  • "Phase" protection schedule
  • Selectivity principles
  • Case of the homopolar generator

Protection relays

  • Comparison of the functions of each relays
  • Presentation of the different connecting schemes

Practical work for each protection relay

  • Manual examination of the menus and settings by front side
  • Starting-up of the operation software
  • Extraction of the parameters of the relay towards the PC
  • Setting through the PC and
  • uploading towards the relay
  • Tests: simulation of defects with an injections case
  • Use of the event recorder and analysis of the recordings
  • Use of the disturbance recorder and analysis of the recordings

Detailed study of the following protection relays

  • Base relay for grids
  • Base relay for engines
Learning path
Prerequisites Next step
Basic knowledge in electricity and good knowledge of MS Windows environment D2502