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MiCOM C264(SCS006)
Compact Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
MiCOM C264(SCS006)

4 days

Who should attend?

Technicians and engineers from design or control departments, project managers, operation and maintenance staff managers.

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Understand and use the compact RTU MiCOM C264
  • Understand how the new compact RTU allows decentralized control and monitoring
  • Give operation and maintenance teams autonomy in their daily jobs
  • New functionalities of the compact RTU
  • The MiCOM C264: field area/functionalities/architecture
  • RTU: hardware and software architecture
  • User interface
  • Configuration tools
  • Maintenance: 1st level/error messages
  • Hands-on

GE’s DCS is structured under IEC 61850 Protocol.

Learning path
Prerequisites SC S006 Next Step
Basic knowledge of electrical substations and operation
Knowledge of Microsoft Windows® an asset.
60% practice
40% theoretical
All trainings on DS Agile Digital Control System