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Low voltage industrial installations - Design (A1212)
Low voltage industrial installations Design

4 Days

Who should attend?

Technicians involved in study and design

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Select the appropriate switchgear and lines
  • Estimate the value of short circuit currents
  • Understand electrical constraints and identify when support is needed
  • Improve dialog with specialists operating on site
Electrical installation overview
  • Standard NFC 15-100 (France) and IEC (international)
  • Voltage domains and naming (LV, MV, HV)
  • Neutral systems in LV Earthing design
  • Users features (panels, asynchronous motors)
  • Sources features (HV grid, transformers, UPS)
  • Definition, function, operation, features, symbols
  • Circuit breakers, disconnectors, switches, contactors, fuse wires, relays
  • Switchgear twinning, selectivity
Electrical line
  • Features
  • Dimensions for steady states (overload, voltage drop)
  • Dimensions for transitory states (short circuit, start)
  • Electro dynamical effort between conductors
Default current estimation
  • Electricity basics
  • Source is a transformer
  • Transformer protection
  • Fault current calculation in different points of the grid
Case study
  • Design of one part of a plant: selection of the equipment, comparison of the different solutions
Learning path
Prerequisites A1212 Next step
Basic knowledge in electricity and
high voltage products
40% Case Study
60% Theoretical
This training can be provided on site at your own convenience. Taking into account the installation standard.