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Introduction to Smart Grid (EMS036)
Introduction to Smart Grid (EMS036)

1 day

Who should attend?

Account managers, executives, engineers

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Demystify the electric power systems of today and reality of Smart Gr id
  • Define Smart Gr id and its key drivers and dimensions
  • Learn Smart Grid technologies and the need for them
  • Discover how the Power System Operations, IT and Communications converge to make Smart Grid a reality
  • Know the innovations that drive these markets and the transformations that face utility business to adopt Smart Grid
  • Find out the key areas of growth, the market trends and the areas funded
  • See the road ahead for the classic grid of today to be the smart grid of tomorrow
  • Identify major Smart Grid projects underway or case-studies and review the lessons learnt

Overview of classic electric grid

  • Basics of a power system delivering power to the consumer
  • Basics of how a utility operates

Overview of Smart Grid

  • Distributed generation (Distributed Energy resource)
  • Electric energy storage
  • Transmission & distribution automation
  • Smart Microgrid technology
  • Electrification of transportation
  • Demand response & energy efficiency
  • Smart homes/Smart buildings
  • Smart meters
  • Data analytics
  • Communications
  • Privacy & cyber security

Smart Grid case studies

Grid transformation: key drivers

  • Regulatory
  • Legislative
  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Funding
  • Incentives

Grid transformation: Smart Grid roadmap

  • Key requirements
  • Utility transformation
Learning path
Prerequisites EMS036 Next step
None 1OO% theoretical EMSO37