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Introduction to power networks (GEE003)
Introduction to power networks

5 Days

Who should attend?

Engineers who do not have a background in electrical engineering but are working or are associated with the electrical power industry

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Describe the electrical power network or grid from the generation to transmission and distribution
  • Gain further knowledge of each stage of the power flow and its components
  • Contribute to decision regarding the electrical power system operations
  • Understand the economic aspects of the electricity industry such as deregulation and trading
  • The growth of electric power systems in the industry
  • Components of the power systems
  • Environmental impact of power systems
  • Series of impedance of transmission
  • Capacitance of transmission lines
  • Current and voltage of transmission lines
  • System modelling and network calculation
  • Economic operations of power systems
  • Automatic control
  • System protection
  • Power system stability and power quality
  • Interconnection failures and blackouts
  • Deregulation and power trading
Learning path
Prerequisites GEE003 Next step
Basic knowledge in electricity and
associated mathematics
100% Theoretical
This training can be provided on site at your own convenience. Real-size equipment available.