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Introduction to HVDC (HVDC001)
Introduction to HVDC

2 Days

Who should attend?

For electrical engineer

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Describe the development of HVDC converters and functional working (High Voltage Direct Current)
  • Describe the elements of the HVDC converters
Introduction to HVDC
  • Historical review and development, benefits of HVDC, geographical challenges, economic value, projects
HVDC Fundamentals
  • What is HVDC? Circuit arrangement, power thyristor, basic 6 pulse operation, a basic 6 pulse converter model, statics characteristics, 12 pulse converter, reactive power.
Introduction to valve
  • Overview of thyristor valve, evolution, H400 HVDC valve
HVDC valve components
  • GE H400 valve module, thyristor characteristics, other thyristor level components, damping capacitor, damping resistor, grading resistor, di/dt reactor, gate unit, H400 valve cooling
Introduction to control and protection of HVDC systems
  • Control objectives, HVDC basic configuration, control principles and hierarch, scheme operational states, control modes, sequencing, limits, rectifier and inverter control, measurements, HVDC protection.
Introduction to Voltage Source Converter (VSC)
  • VSC basics, type of multi-level VSC,
  • VSC for HVDC, the GE VSC solution
Learning path
Prerequisites HVDC001 Next step
Qualification and/or experience in power electronics
100% Theoretical HVDC002
New Course.