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Industrial site - Operation analysis (B3033)
Industrial site

3 days

Who should attend?


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What will I learn from this course?
  • Control the operation of an industrial site
  • Analyze the quality of the energy transit of an industrial site
  • Draft operating modes of running and records processes

Production/consumption balance

  • Power cut notion
  • Off-peaks and surges

Protection of the industrial grids

  • Presentation of the protections
  • Introduction to poly-phase and single-phase defects
  • Fuses/circuit breakers comparison
  • Basics of voltage wavering
  • Basics of selectivity

Practical work

  • Presentation and operation of electrical material
  • Draft of operational sheet
  • Record of a distribution transformer
  • Replacement of fuses
  • Swapping of power sources
  • Record of high voltage connection and line set
  • Case study and analysis of running incidents
  • Analysis of the energy transit quality of an industrial grid
  • Drafting of the operating procedure taking into account the powers
Learning path
Prerequisites B3033 Next step
e-learning F1030 - B3032 50% practictal 50% theoretical D2102
This training can be provided on site at your own convenience.
Practice on real size material.