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Industrial site (between 1 kV and 50 kV) - Operation (B3032)
Handling of SF6 and CF4 gases

4 days

Who should attend?


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What will I learn from this course?
  • Know the principles of exploitation
  • Understand the interaction and the inter-locking between Low and High Voltage
  • Approve the transmission coherence of the existing processes on site

Electrical network architecture

Risk associated to industrial installation operation

Characteristics of the equipment

Continuity of low voltage operating generators, alternators


Concept and maintenance schedule

Operating system of High Voltage device

Exploitation and record locking

Lab exercise

Practical work

  • Presentation and electrical equipment operation
  • Drafting of the operational sheets
  • Record of a distribution transformer
  • Replacement of fuses
  • Swapping of power sources
  • Record of high voltage connection
  • Record of a high voltage bar set

Learning path
Prerequisites B3032 Next step
F1030 e-learning 40% practictal 60% theoretical  
Practice on real size material.

Practical work may differ, depending on the materials available on site and the time available for the chosen training.