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Hybrid compact switchgear assembly
HYpact Erection & Commissioning (TIR059)
Hybrid compact switchgear assembly - HYpact

4 days

Who should attend?

Technicians involved in the installation and maintenance of high voltage substations.

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Familiarize with the design and operation of the substation and all associated components and equipment
  • Perform the erection and the commissioning of HYpact
  • Carry out corrective maintenance in case of minor failure
  • Gain understanding on how to operate and maintain equipment safely
  • Introduction to the product range
  • Design and operation of compact and hybrid modules
  • Function of operating mechanism system, contact systems and the principle of current interruption
  • Design and operation of disconnectors and earthing switches, conducting paths, base frames and linkages

  • Environmentally compatible methods of handling SF6 gas: its physical and chemical properties, SF6 monitoring
  • Safety instruction and processes
  • Installation and commissioning, safety instructions and procedures, testing and measuring equipment, maintenance concept.
  • Construction and design principles of all other individual module components
Learning path
Prerequisites TIR059 Next step
Fundamentals of electricity and mechanics This course V8142
This training can be provided on site at your own convenience. Practice in operation conditions