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HVDC - Design Studies (HVDC002)
HVDC Design Studies

1 Day

Who should attend?

For electrical and design engineers

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Describe system level functioning of HVDC station
  • Describe interaction of HVDC station with HVAC station
Introduction to HVDC single line diagram (SLD)
  • HVDC SLD, AC switchyard, AC harmonic filters, high frequency filters, converter transformers, converters, DC smoothing reactors, DC filters, DC switchgear, DC transducers.
Introduction to harmonics and filters
  • Harmonics, AC system model, type of filters, DC filter protection.
Introduction to insulation coordination
  • General principles, over voltage, withstand voltage, surge arrester, clearance and creepage
Overview of digital study
  • Load flow and short circuit level (SCL), fundamental frequency, temporary over voltage, self-excitation, transient stability and voltage stability, Eigen valve analysis for dynamic interactions, sub-synchronous oscillation, equivalent network for RTDS, AC harmonic impedance for AC filter design, controls, sequencing and protection functional specifications, control system dynamic performance study, protection coordination study, model developing, model equivalents, model adaptation, development (PSS/E, PSCAD)
Learning path
Prerequisites HVDC002 Next step
HVDC001 This Course
This course is part of HVDC training program.