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Handling of SF6 and CF4 gases
according to IEC 62271-4 technical report (V0010)
Handling of SF6 and CF4 gases

3.5 days

Who should attend?

From inexperienced to experienced staff in gas handling, according to the desired target level A, B or C

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Understand the general characteristics of SF6 & CF4 gases
  • Master near impact on our environment
  • Know how to recover, drain the SF6 to vacuum, their refill a compartment under SF6 gas
  • Apply the specific safety rules during the gas recovery operations

Theoretical part (modules A, B and C)

  • Environment and SF6-CF4 gases
  • Sulphur Hexafluoride SF6 and Carbon Tetrafluoride CF4
  • Electrical equipment and fluorinated gases
  • Gas qualities
  • Design of electrical equipment
  • Storage and transport of SF6 and CF4 gases

Legal constraints

  • By-products and neutralization
  • Gas monitoring and the environment

Practical part (modules B and C)

Prerequisite: module A

  • Preparation steps before working to recover SF6 and CF4 gases
  • Hands-on utilization of the adequate personal protective equipment
  • Recovery of contaminated gases
  • Opening of a breaking chamber (module C)

Test and certification (optional)

  • Theoretical part - Questionnaire
  • Practical part – Individual evaluation on gas-handling according to the level of the IEC 62271-4 (A, B or C) requested
Learning path
Prerequisites V0010 Next step
Any high voltage training 30% practical
50% theoretical
20% test

Note: A version of this course applied to the European Regulation EC 517-2014 is also available.