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Generator set - Operation and maintenance (E1142)
Generator set

4 days

Who should attend?


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What will I learn from this course?
  • Gain knowledge of the equipment technology
  • Ensure the best possible operation of the generators
  • Ensure the whole of the periodic maintenance operations of the generators

Diesel engine

  • Principles, description, injection circuit, speed regulators
  • Lubrication, cooling
  • Start-up device, supercharging


  • Basic electricity: induced electromotive force, three-phase current, transformer
  • Principles and description of the alternator
  • Active and reactive powers
  • Compoundage: definition, case study
  • Voltage regulators

Automation of the generator

  • Schemes, accessories for automatic groups, safety
  • Generator auxiliaries

Periodic monitoring operations

Maintenance procedures

Defect analysis

Practical work

  • Monitoring of distribution, adjustment of the valve play
  • Bleeding of the injection circuit, monitoring and calibration adjusting of injectors, calibration of the injection pump
Learning path
Prerequisites A1142 Next step
A0101 Basic knowledge in electricity 20% practice, 80% theory E1232
This training can be provided on site at your own convenience.