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Generator circuit breaker FKG1
Maintenance and breakdown repair (V9542)
enerator circuit breaker FKG1

3 days

Who should attend?

Technicians involved in the operation and maintenance on generator Circuit breakers up to 1 000 MW per unit

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What will I learn from this course?
  • Understand the operation of generator circuit breakers contextually
  • Apply the maintenance procedures of the combined FKG1, SKG, MKG, IKG and the associated mechanisms
  • Carry out corrective maintenance in case minor failure
  • Apply the safety rules during the maintenance
  • Improve equipment performance

Sulphur hexafluoride SF6

  • Precautions and security, handling and recovery

Breaking electrical phenomena

Development of SF6 generator circuit breakers

  • Display steps of extinguishing in SF6
  • Arc extinguishing

Presentation of the SF6 circuit breakers

  • FKG2
  • Range FKG, pole architecture, operating
  • Sequences of interrupting chamber

Mechanical control mechanism FK3/4

  • General remarks, security provision
  • Operating principle (kinematics, energy transfer)
  • Breakdown repair methodology, interchange ability

Maintenance and tooling for SF6 circuit breakers FKG2

  • Maintenance plan, dedicated tooling for maintenance
  • Wear measurement of contacts

Mechanical control mechanism LV diagrams

  • LV diagrams: special functions, possible options

SF6 monitoring

  • SF6 monitoring device, density switch, SF6 pressure variation curves filling valve

Practical work on Circuit breakers with associated control mechanisms

Learning path
Prerequisites V9542 Next step
Fundamentals of electricity and mechanics 50% Practical 50% Theoritical V8412
This training can be provided on site at your own convenience.Practice on real size material