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g3 Fundamentals (V0051)
g3 Fundamentals (V0051)

2 days

Who should attend?

Managers, engineers & technicians.

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What will I learn from this course?
  • The basics of the g3 - The environmental friendly alternative gas to replace SF6 in High Voltage Applications
  • How g3 is drastically reducing the environmental impact and complying with evolving regulations
  • Which air and gas-insulated switchgears applications can benefit from g3 use
  • The basics to operate g3 HV switchgears
  • How to apply the safety rules

SF6-free alternatives in HV equipment

  • Greenhouse Gas effect and climate change
  • SF6 regulations
  • Candidates to replace SF6

g3 - Green gas for Grid

  • Physical characteristics
  • Chemical characteristics
  • Gas specifications and Standards
  • Available products and applications
  • Specific components

g3 handling and monitoring

  • g3 lifecycle management
  • Solutions for g3 handling in the factory and at site
  • Solutions for storage and transportation
  • Solutions for g3 monitoring
  • Safety rules to apply

Customer Case Studies

Learning path
Prerequisites V0051 Next Step
None 20% practice
80% theoretical